Megan Cox Simmons - 2018


Megan C Simmons

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been making something with my hands. I went to art camps as a kid - - was a designer on the yearbook staff - - learned how to sew clothing, quilts and home decor - - became a graphic designer - - and even learned to build furniture in woodworking school. I would be lost without my tools, fabric and art supplies. Today my tools of choice are paint brushes, scrapers, handmade stamps, rollers, water soluble crayons and lots of acrylic paint.

I get lost in the layers of paint, while mixing color and creating texture. I’m inspired by bold statements, raw textures, street art, nature, lots of color and the space between objects. Painting on paper gives me the freedom to make mistakes and explore more freely. (I sometimes paint on wood or canvas, too!) I find relaxation in the chaos of scribbling, doodling and mark making… covering up layer after layer until I discover areas that I don’t want disturbed.

After growing up in Montana, I moved to Seattle, Washington to go to art school. Along the way I became a graphic designer, wife, mother, volunteer and abstract artist.